Entrepreneurship Programs

Entrepreneurship Programs

  • JA programs demonstrate to students the value of an education, bridge the gap of what they are learning in the classroom with the real world, and equip them with the skills and tools they need to be more successful in school and their future careers.

    Our programs prepare students to proactively manage their finances, become entrepreneurs, and develop skills that will be recognized and valuable in a global workforce.

    JA programs aim to prepare young people for adult professional life and the world of work. With over 800 different curricular in a network of over 120 countries, the programs help youth become job creators for themselves and others as entrepreneurs, to get jobs and keep jobs, to make healthy financial decisions from when they earn money to what they do with it thereafter.

    JA’s program are curriculum-based. We offer programs that help young people understand how to start and establish successful and profitable businesses.

    Core Entrepreneurship Programs


    JA Company Program provides basic economic education for high school students by allowing them to organize and operate an actual business. Students not only learn how businesses function, they also learn soft skills that are instrumental to success; such as Brainstorming, Consensus building, Critical reading, Gathering and organizing information, Group and self-assessment, Interpreting production inventory, Oral and written communication.

    Volunteer consultants from the local business community employ a variety of hands-on activities and technological supplements to challenge students to use innovative thinking. The business skills that students learn in this after-school program will prove valuable as they begin to consider higher education and career choices.

    Each JA Company Program kit contains a wealth of resources, including a handbook for teachers and volunteers and interactive, take-home materials for students. Students compete at the end of the year nationally and the winners go on to compete at the Regional Company of the Year Competition.

    ITS TYME (Immersion Training Strategy; Targeting Young Marginalized Entrepreneurs)

    ITS TYME is a hands on, highly impactful immersion training program that provides life skills, business education, mentoring and access to finance and industry specific apprenticeship opportunities to marginalized African youth! The ITS TYME experience enhances the ability of young semi-literate young men and women in Africa to acquire business skills and use innovative thinking to expand and enhance their career options and livelihoods.

    Since 2012, JA Africa has delivered the ITS TYME program in five pilot countries – Gabon, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. In collaboration with a wide range of partner organizations, the program has trained over 6000 out-of-school youth, mobilized hundreds of volunteer facilitators and business executives to mentor African youth and facilitate their access to the real world of business! Over 700 businesses have also been established under this program.

    Building on the successful school-based JA Company Program, ITS TYME takes entrepreneurship training out of the classroom and into the African marketplace, motor parks, slums, sports arenas and other centers of youth activity with a mission to equip young people with the practical, strategic and tactical tools they need to become financially self-sufficient and active contributors to the social, economic and political life of their communities.

    JA Be An Entrepreneur

    A Tanzania gives young people the knowledge and skills to start and manage their own businesses and to apply entrepreneurial thinking to solve everyday problems. JA Tanzania entrepreneurship programs reach students in and out of the classroom, giving them the opportunities to start and run businesses and to become familiar with the realities of being business owners.